About the Trainer

With over 20 years of experience, Karen brings credibility, depth and distinction to her training and presentations.

She has delivered keynote address’, conducted retreats and facilitated workshops to clients in Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, Montana, California, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona, & Texas.

She has worked with: large corporations, small business, non-profits, local government & military organizations, construction companies, financial institutions, airline and travel & tourism organizations, school districts and students at the university level.

She has delivered motivational presentations; counseled and coached executives through life planning and change processes; implemented organizational management directives; created and orchestrated numerous change training initiatives; created Professional Development Programs and conducted executive coaching sessions and countless on site training programs.

Karen holds a B.A. in Education & Theatre and a M.Ed. in Counseling & Guidance. Her diverse experiences in management and human development give her a firm foundation in ‘creating unique people solutions within the business environment’.

Karen’s programs are unique & original and incorporate the use of movie clips, story telling, change conducive exercises, experiential activities, critical thinking & self-reflection. Her work has been described as: ‘High End’ & ‘Top Notch’!


Department of Health & Human Services

"Ms. Kirk is the rare trainer who, not only knows the academic side of the subjects she teaches, but also possesses the flare and energy necessary to create an enthusiastic audience. Over the years I have been to numerous management trainings; Ms. Kirk is the most engaging and genuine of the lot. She truly believes in the principles she preaches and is as much a coach as she is an instructor."

Kenneth Takakuwa
Division Manager
Municipality of Anchorage